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Jul 19, 2013
2 hr 25 min
Director Pavan Wodeyar

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The rocking star Yash is back after his super hit movie Drama. Combination of Yash and Pawan has stirred more anticipation.. The screenplay makes us stick to our seats till the end. It has surprising twists. Yash has incredibly performed in comedy ro ... les. He has done a brilliant job. Kriti robs the heart of all youngsters by her cute expression. Yash and Kriti both share a beautiful chemistry. The director has taken tremendous effort for a lively narration. Ananth Nag proves his versatility again and is well appreciated. Sadhu Kokila is a pillar for this movie. Joshua Sridhar's composition adds credit to the movie. Yeno yeno and Bisilu kudure are top hits of the album.Background score by Anoop Selin is remarkable.more
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