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Story Kathe
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Story Kathe

Genre: Action, Thriller Company: Nirvaana Films Language: Kannada
Censor: UA Duration: 2:25 Released On: 24-May-2013

Story Kathe is a 2013 kannada action suspense thriller film starring Tilak, Prathap Narayan, Parvathi Nayar and Neha Patil. The story is about 2 men and their dreams and hence the film is termed as Story and Kathe which are synonyms of each other. Rajeev a medical student is passionate about inventing a vaccine, but instead he falls into trouble. And here enters Pallavi (Parvathy) a journalist who tries to rescue him. In contrast Veera on the other hand comes to bangalore for a reason and instead he gets entangled in mystery , these 2 different life and situations is very well knitted and brings an extraordinary film all together. And, guys its a suspense thriller, so how can i reveal the details and this time no no to hints too. You should watch it to feel the thrill.


Rating-1 Rating-2 Rating-3 Rating-5 Rating-4


Rating-1 Rating-2 Rating-3 Rating-5 Rating-4

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Life is all about dreams and suspense?

It is a very usual and common but different story of dreams that we all want to achieve, this film traps these emotions we have but, practically did the director and the actors dream accomplish.


Gossips and notions to bite your ear or tickle your mind??

Who says that models cant act? Disclaimer - its a general notion and its not about 'what and not of peoples talk'. The leads in this film Tilak is a model turned actor and Parvathi Nayar has been Miss Bangalore and she has walked the ramp many times. Now its upto you to decide and judge if models here can act or no.


A differently new attempt by lyricist Nayak?

Santosh Nayak the lyricist for this film didn’t use even one english term in his songs, instead he has very brilliantly utilised his knowledge of hale kannada. Director Jagadish's work in this film is inspired by Ram Gopal Verma, he has stated that he is a big fan of RGV.


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Story Kathe is a Kannada Movie Kannada Flim Kannada Cinema Story Kathe released date 2013 released year 2013 release year 2013 Duration 2:25 movie Duration 2:25 Flim Duration 2:25 Duration of Story Kathe 2:25 time duration 2:25 length 2:25 Story Kathe production Nirvaana Films production company Nirvaana Films censor UA.

Story Kathe Films Film Details HD Trailers Video Songs Cast Crew Review Story Actor Actress Hero Heroin director duration Gallery Photos Pictures wallpapers Stills Images Video Songs Comedy Dialogues Story Kathe Action movie Thriller movie .

Story Kathe Lead Hero Tilak Shekar cast Tilak Shekar role Tilak Shekar hero Tilak Shekar actor Tilak Shekar Lead Heroine Parvathy Nair Parvathy Venugopal Nair cast Parvathy Nair Parvathy Venugopal Nair role Parvathy Nair Parvathy Venugopal Nair heroin Parvathy Nair Parvathy Venugopal Nair heroine Parvathy Nair Parvathy Venugopal Nair actoress Parvathy Nair Parvathy Venugopal Nair Second Hero Pratap Narayan cast Pratap Narayan role Pratap Narayan hero Pratap Narayan actor Pratap Narayan Second Heroine Neha Patil cast Neha Patil role Neha Patil heroin Neha Patil heroine Neha Patil actoress Neha Patil .

Story Kathe Director K R Jagadisha Music Director Vasu Dixit .

Story Kathe .

Story Kathe
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