Topiwala Poster
Mar 15, 2013
2 hr 26 min
Director M G Srinivas

Available in HD on supported devices
Topiwala is a 2013 politic drama based Kannada film starring Upendra and Bhavana in main lead. Upendra has come up with a very apt story which presents todays political situation in a comic way. Basak(upendra) is a clever thief who escapes from polic ... e after each and every robbery. Ramayana Raghu (Rangayana Raghu) is the cop chasing Basak to put him behind the bars. First half of the film revolves around Uppi and Rangayana Raghu in a comic flow. Later, the twist in the movie is a corrupted politician passing on his swiss bank account secret code to a beggar Mr India (Biridar). Ufff after this what all twists and turns happen is really very complex to explain it to you. Oh and yes our actress Bhavana playing a cop in disguise and the item song having a dance competition winners fame Mukti Mohan is also an eye catcher. So you guys should better watch the movie to enjoy Uppis screenplay than my narration.more
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