Andhar Bahar

Andhar Bahar Poster
Apr 05, 2013
2 hr 34 min

Available in HD on supported devices
Andar Bahar is a Kannada 2013 action yet a family entertainer film starring hatrick hero Shivaraj Kumar and mallu beauty Parvati Menon in main lead with senior artists like Arundhati Nag. The story is about family relations especially between a husba ... nd and wife. Surya(Shivrajkumar) is a nefarious criminal gangster. Two people are against Surya, firstly Satya(Cheswa) as he assumes that Surya killed his wife in a shootout, secondly Shalini(Spoorthi) who believes that Surya killed her love Guru(Srujan Lokesh). After the investigation done by inspector Patil(Shashikumar) which proves that politician Naidu was behind these killings, Surya pursuits him but does not kill him. Wondering why? There is part 2 to the story where a girl working in hospital Suhasini(Parvathi Menon) marries Surya after falling in love with him. Your wondering whats the connection between these too stories? Its very sentimentally emotional so please husbands and wives stop wondering what the story is and just watch it.more
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