Feb 14, 2013
2 hr 49 min
Director A M R Ramesh

Available in HD on supported devices
January 18,1952 saw the birth of an outlaw Veerappan, no one is born as brigand but he grows up to be smuggler of sandalwood trees, he kills nearly 2000 elephants for smuggling their ivory and in the end turns up to be killer of atleast 126 uniform m ... en. Many operations to nab him were in vain in turn DCF Srinivas gets murdered along with former minister Nagappa. As a famous saying states crime doesnt pay, a historic event the kidnap of Rajkumar along with Nagappa Maradagi, Govindaraju and Nagesh for 108 days led to excessive efforts by the task force of two states. Operation Cocoon led by special task force's 2 tamil nadu officers Vijayakumar and Kannan closed the chapter of terror which ruled the forests till october 18th 2004. Its not a documentary but an intelligently made commercial film which will enthrall you throughout, especially the STF operation is riveting. A film with a difference for geniuses and like minded people.more
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