Bajarangi Poster
Dec 12, 2013
2 hr 54 min
Director Harsha A

Music Arjun Janya

Available in HD on supported devices
Bajarangi is a big treat for Shivanna fans. Every minute in the film is filled with a fantasy world that keeps the audience engrossed from beginning to the end. Shivrajkumar plays a role of both a lover boy and an action hero quite well. The hero rev ... ealing his six pack takes the cake. Aindrita playes a bubbly heroine and has performed her role well too. Harsha has done an excellent job all over. Arjun Janya's music has four good songs including the 'Boss' song with guest appearance by six other film stars. If there is one star film you would not want to miss this season, it is Bajarangi. Watch the movie right away either in your nearest theatre or just download the reelbox iPad app now to watch it!more
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