Bheema Theeradalli

Bheema Theeradalli Poster
Apr 03, 2012
2 hr 20 min
Director Om Prakash Rao

Music Abhiman Roy

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Revolutionist, naxals or characters like age old Robinhood are born with the rise of evil. Few resort to Gandhiji's principles and most take up violence. Action, bloodshed, extreme killings are the end result of revolutionists like Chandya. Rich and ... dominant, politically affluent people always utilise their lesser counterparts for their benefits and forget the promises made, these instances lead to the birth of every Chandya in society. But, what do people like him really achieve? Death of their loved ones, torture or rape of their close ones, in the end is the death of such revolt. Is this all worth it...Amongst all this action and violence, love also has its space. Chandya's love for his mother is to be appreciated, mothers support for her son and sacrifices for him, proves to be the strongest bond. His supporters and followers love for him, the immense belief they bestow on Chandya in the fight for right. Lastly, a girl who loves and marries him with promises to remain his partner for life time. But, his girl Bheemavva advises him to surrender which leads to encountered death of Chandya. Should she be blamed for directing him to follow the rule or for his death. I would summon up saying, blame the game played by lame...A revolt in independent India, raises doubt India being better off pre indepedence. Watch on, with my last thought for your mind, Indians revolt against White or Indians fighting for justice opposite their own fellowmen!!!more
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