Bombat Car

Bombat Car Poster
2 hr 43 min
Priya, cute bubbly daughter of Sharan and Sangeetha (real names not character names) belongs to typical brahmin middle class family. School and play was her world until deadly events changed her life. Apparently Savitri and her brother close to Priya ... s family have turned ghosts, revenge against her boyfriend Nanjappan and other killers is their motive to attain solace. Savitri enters Priya's body and her brother takes shelter in an vintage car, their motive for justice leads to fear amongst killers, they in turn sorting help from modern tantrik. Goal nearly reached is put to halt, here enters Kendaganna Kaali a local diety. Loads of fun and fiction awaits you...Entertainment is best watched during your leisure time, go ahead and watch Bombat Car for chubby baby Kirthika and other supporting actors having played their parts well. Songs are not like merry go round ones, but its worth once a watch.more
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