Boss Poster
Jan 14, 2011
2 hr 46 min
Upbringing and family background plays an very important role in moulding a person's persona, twins like Raj and Ram are perfect example. Born in business tycoons house, elder brother Ram turns out to be a sturdy businessman who wouldn't mind to kill ... anyone crossing his line, while younger one Raj ends up as snitcher, taken care by their maid ends up leaving their family and living in a slum. Circumstances, incidents adds up spice, masala with little bit comedy and romance in between. Second half of film, shockingly Raj is ensared in prison and Ram is found dead. Inevitable situations lead Raj to don his brothers role, but CBI officer Sethunathan Iyer is clever to catch his lie...very interesting climax, can i reveal the suspense involved...after all who is the killer and will Raj have to pay a price for donning his brothers role, along with these elements glam doll jinke mari Rekha is worth a watch, simple beauty Navya Nair's dance with Darshan is mast masthu.more
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