Krazy Star

Feb 14, 2014
2 hr 30 min
Director V Ravichandran

Available in HD on supported devices
The much awaited movie KRAZY STAR is now in silver screen. Though a remake of Malayalam movie Traffic, it withheld the eagerness of audience. The well-known reason is Ravichandran and Priyanka upendra. Ravichandran is noted for his style of making ... introduction scene a unique one and he does not fail to do so in crazy star too. Love being the main theme, the plot intertwines with number of stories around one incident. The movie beautifully portrays the conflicts of Ravichandran for having preferred art over life. Through this movie he interacts to his fans. He has added few of his real life incidents. His son Vikram Ravichandran has got grand opening in the movie. The movie is a real tribute to his fans and the beautifully composed music by Ravichandran is appealing. Ravichandran has proved n number of time again that he is the real crazy star.more
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