Dandam Dashagunam

Dandam Dashagunam Poster
Apr 15, 2011
2 hr 00 min
Director K Madesh

Available in SD on supported devices
A sincere police officers life is very tough for him and for his family too. This story is about hard nut cop ACP Surya who doesn’t think twice before putting down criminals. He has a team of efficient officers swearing to wipe off crime entirely f ... rom city, one such encounter is that of underworld don Drug Manja. His brother rowdy Tamate Shivanna rises to roar against Surya. In between all these action fights, somewhere in the corner of Surya's heart, love makes its way in. Love at first sight, blinds Surya from being tough cop into romantic lover. One glance of Maya, a school teacher coincides with many meetings and later their confession of loving each other. Maya has entered ACP's life but with this she has to face the risks that surprisingly knock their door too. Tamate Shivanna has roled his sleeves up to eliminate Surya and his newly wedded wife...Is this film a match to tamil version, is not as important as the message that roles in front of us. Honest police officers face en number of threat calls daily and if they go corrupt the public doesnt miss a chance to blame them. But, why dont we appreciate their good work and encourage them to continue being pure...lighter note, two romantic songs are good along with beauty Ramya's chemistry with young Chiru, is one time watch!!!more
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