Deadly 2

Deadly 2 Poster
Aug 13, 2010
2 hr 15 min
Director Ravi Srivatsa

Music Sadhu Kokila

Available in SD on supported devices
Reality is bitter truth, we try to ignore by closing our eyes from negativity but it doesn't mean that everything good is happening around us. An eye opener presented in nerve tricking way would bring tears down your eyes, innocent youth of our count ... ry aspiring to climb the ladder of success are pulled down by greedy, corrupt people. Broken into pieces, few people try to raise above it by fighting against all odds in the right spirit, but others depressed disabled by situation end up taking the violent way. Once they are tagged as criminals by society, will remain the same life long, nor will police let them live nor our society. End is always sad losing your loved ones and cold blooded death shatters life. Soma, an aspiring cricketer falls prey to dirty minds, his friends help him pay money to achieve his dreams, unfortunately his name doesnt appear in cricketers selected list. Unable to get back money he washes off soiled linen i.e kills that man, and ends up in jail. Soma looses his father, he considers himself responsible, police torture him to the core. Underworld opens its gate to new beginning for violent Soma...his mother, his friends and Soma's life ends up to be puppets in encounters hands. Situation gives birth to criminal, no one is born to be so, blame game is easy way out but not a solution. Please do watch Deadly 2 and let us know your opinion...more
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