Feb 15, 2013
2 hr 02 min
Director Lucky Shankar

Music Sadhu Kokila

Available in HD on supported devices
Dramatic theatre play staged in present India is a reality highly under rated by blind believers, an virus, filthy minded people posing as god's mouth piece are rusting literate and unstable minds. Media plays important role in boasting such thoughts ... , good profession for unemployed clever speakers. A trick which cannot be used by all, needs extra knack to be godman without being caught by people or by their own self conscious. Chitteswamy's desperate situation to earn money and to lead a life is misutilised by an intelligent crook K.K, he announces Chitteswamy to be godsman with mythical powers. Fame and money leads to creation of ashram, a place convenient to fool people. Men are men easily fall prey to beauty of women, so does Chitte who falls for Sheela. A politician uses this situation for his benefit. Story might be heard somewhere but a truth which will make you laugh on peoples' foolishness is well attempted. Don't miss, my name is Chitteswamy song along with comedy gangs laughter rocking performance.more
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