Devru Poster
Nov 20, 2009
2 hr 30 min
Director Sadhu Kokila

Music Sadhu Kokila

Available in SD on supported devices
Life of rowdies…will our society let them reform and live a normal life?? Few questions are better left unanswered…Lingadevru alias Devru alongwith his four friends are a gang of rowdies working for criminal gangsters, the Reddy brothers. One fin ... e day, Devru falls apart from his owners and decides to stand up on his own. Situations, circumstances created by people would not let him live his life, one good cop gives him a chance to reform where as another bad cop pushes him back into filthy water. Who is to be blamed for Devru's life... speaking on broader aspect, who are to be blamed for these rowdies life, is it they themselves adding action and blood on our pure earth or is it poverty joblessness which forces them to take up such life. Download and watch on for Vijay's action packed drama, Pragna's glittering glimpses alongwith Sadhu and Om Sai Prakash's comedy combo.more
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