Eddelu Manjunatha

Eddelu Manjunatha Poster
Jul 17, 2009
1 hr 55 min
Director Guruprasad

Music Anoop Seelin

Available in SD on supported devices
A combination of three different characters inter linked together is excellent output in the form of Eddelu Manjunatha. One is ambitious, optimistic blind director dreaming of making a film, on the other hand is irresponsible and lazy Manja who alway ... s finds excuses for not working and likes to live on his wife's courtesy. The third important character is Manja's wife Gowri, homely dothing wife who believes in saving her husbands skin and covering for his mistakes. A tragic end and dead daughter acts as an eye opener to drunkard Manju. In today's India, state of most section of people is on the same lines, but unfortunately they do not realize even after the ill has occured. Watch know the reality, watch on for Jaggesh's comedy, watch on for Yagna Shetty's plight as Gowri combined with lyrical music and double meaning dialogues.more
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