Haage Summane

Haage Summane Poster
Dec 26, 2008
2 hr 14 min
Starring Kiran, Suhasi, Sarath Babu
Director Preetham Gubbi

Music Mano Murty

Most of the times we end up looking at the negative effects of love on youngsters, very few good instances get ignored in this passage. Preetham is rich parents spoilt son, the 'yo man, chillax dude' generation guy. Money is spent and flowed like wat ... er and partying with friends is more fun for him. A guy with this attitude can never fall in true love, but the unexpected occurs. He meets a musician Khushi, practically its not Khushi he meets but her diary instead. Words do the talking and Preetham finds his long lasting love. He tracks her down only to be rejected, but this tough guy has made up his mind and heart to win her over...Will he be successfull in gaining her confidence and what is the reason for Khushi's rejection? Watch on to know more.more
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