Kal Manja

Kal Manja Poster
Feb 04, 2011
2 hr 49 min
Struggle of a film script writer, reality related to film industry is presented in a hilarious way, Kal Manja is the story about Manja, striving to carve a niche for himself as scriptwriter with his stolen scripts. Crashes every film set, knocks ever ... y directors door with the hope to achieve his dreams, annoyed with his persistent pestering one director agrees to give a patient hearing. Manja narrates his real life incident taken place in his home town, his previous employer had a prettty daughter Indira, she had feelings for him which she fails to express. Her father senses this truth and demands Manja to write a fictional love letter to a girl Vasumathi addressed to fake address. Indira reads his love letter and leaves with crushed feelings. Surprisingly, fictional anamika turns to be reality, Vasumathi reads this letter, regains hopes in her tortured life and leaves to meet Manja...what climax will this script writer scribble in his life, at last chance gained is not missed...will Manja be able to make a film, Indira or Vasumathi whom will Manja marry?? Watch out for full time comedy with a mix of action and sentiments along with lyrical songs.more
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