Kamsale Kaisale

Kamsale Kaisale Poster
Nov 09, 2012
1 hr 31 min
Director T S Nagabharana

Music K Kalyan

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Madhava is a young boy with unusual dreams and fascinating aspirations. He lives with his parents in city amongst the commonest duties of studies and school pressures from elders where likings takes a set back. Madhava was attracted towards the tunes ... of Kamsale but recieved no encouragement from parents. One day on a school trip to mahadeshwara temple, Madhava gets allured by those tunes and follows them into the forest. Here he meets Madaiah, a teacher of kamsale and gets inspired, in the process he loses connection with his school and parents who desperately keep searching for him. Madhava an eager learner expertises in this art form and performs with Madaiah's troupe at Mahadeshwara temple. This is when his parents see him on television and get him back to the city. Unwillingly Madhava returns back leaving the green lush beauty of hills and the melodious tunes of kamsale. Will he be able to fulfill his dreams? Will our culture be carried forward by the future of our country? Please do watch this film to get mesmerised by the tunes of Kamsale and scenic beauty of Mahadeshwara Hills.more
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