Maharshi Poster
Nov 14, 2008
2 hr 23 min
Director Krishna Brahma

Music Srimurli

Available in SD on supported devices
Innocense gets shaded with colours of bad leading to action packed painting. This story is about decent and innocent boy Maharshi who comes to live with his mother and sister into the world of gangsters. He's shy enough to run away from such confront ... ation and controversy, but sudden changes in his life makes him deal with underworld don and their associates. In between all this fight and violence, is romance by Manasa Veena towards Maharshi. It's hard and tough for family love to exist amidst blood shed, someone has to die and some have to be sacrifised for things to move on and to reach a win or lose situation. Will one person be able to fight against gang of villain.....Watch on to know more.more
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