Meshtru Poster
2 hr 24 min
Director Mahadev

Music K M Indra

Available in SD on supported devices
One situation changes the life of a corporation school teacher in the era of late 70's. Honest and true teacher, with principles of the right imbibed in him, has the spirit to change the wrong. One day on his way back from school, he sees a rowdy tor ... turing an innocent citizen. Meshtru takes up the role of converting this rowdy into a good samaritan. Many hurdles and problems come in the way, as the path of virteous isn't an easy task. This film is the journey of Meshtru against all the thorns, pricked and hurt but suceeds in the end. Watch on to know the real life incident that had occurred long time back, many stories go away unnoticed, by making a film on such instances, director is refreshing everyones memory. First time combination of two senior artists onscreen is also worth it.more
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