Mr.Theertha Poster
Jun 16, 2010
2 hr 30 min
Father and sons relation, good theme presented visually has an impact on every parent and child watching this film. Will you learn to understand or forget as time lapses is left upto you, but I would suggest parents to take a break from competition m ... arathon and try to understand their kids thoughts. Otherwise, it wouldnt be far when another Theertha or Narayana Shastry will be born in our society. Father Narayana Shastry is maths teacher, he wants his son Theertha to become scholar in maths. But, Theertha is unable to fulfill his fathers expectations, result is hatredness and rejection from loved ones. End result is remand home, jail and police as frustration on parents is let outside house in one way or the other, few kids take up violence while others rely on drugs. Every child has hidden talents, it is left upto parents to tap it out. How will Narayana Shastry and Theertha come together, will Theertha change for the better and will his father accept this mechanics specialist Theertha... Watch on, think and realize for a moment. Is your child being pushed by you or are they happily moving forward in their life, morning tuitions, run to school, evening tuitions, exam tension, burden of books is it bending or doctor??? my friends child is very smart, you should be smarter than him...very common words heard in every house, Mould your kid to face the society, not to end up as book worm.more
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