Pade Pade

Pade Pade Poster
Feb 15, 2013
2 hr 07 min
Director Nagaraj Peenya

Music Satish Aryan

Available in HD on supported devices
Story is about an aspiring singer Sunny. Don’t mistake it to be solely about a musicians career struggle but it is a pure love story beautifully interlinked to the changes that occur in this youngsters life and the manner in which todays youth are ... managing the twists and turmoils they face. Sunny is in love with Kanchana, but circumstances forces Kanchana to marry a politicians son. Mr singer turns to become devadasa, this is when an event organizer Spoorthi enters his life to mould his singing career. Time changes, past fades away, Sunny grows to become a famous singer and music composer, he gets close to Spoorthi and unknowingly they develop secret liking for each other. Before they could realise their love, Kanchana reappears in his life. Life and love are very much unpredictable and uncontrollable. Wonderful picturization, memorable songs, neat and clean screenplay with narration, makes this movie a must watch. Definitely you would not want to miss handsome Tharun with his terrific performance, pretty delhite and femina miss india contestant are also good as debutants. Most important climax in this triangle love story is, whom does love favour Spoorthi or Kanchana...more
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