Pyarge Aagbittaite

Sep 05, 2013
2 hr 12 min
Director Kevin Bala

Music Dharmateja

Available in HD on supported devices
Marriages are made in heaven, old saying stated by elders needs to be modified according today's situation. The process involved in getting arranged and fixed is tedious, unknown faces and unknown people, starting life from scratch...One girl travels ... from Bangalore to Mysore, to say no to a guy who had agreed to marry her after seeing her photo. But, this poor lady didn't want to settle with a person whom she hadn't met or seen. At historical place Mysore, a new story begins, co incidently she bumps into our hero, chatting turns into dating and both turn up as good friends. But, where is the guy she was supposed to meet? Will another DDLJ be written on railway on to know more.more
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