Radhana Ganda

Radhana Ganda Poster
Jun 14, 2013
2 hr 30 min
Starring Komal Kumar, Poorna
Director Murugan

Available in HD on supported devices
Have you ever imagined a family in which wife earns more than husband or the wife is at higher order compared to husband. People generally tend to have atleast a percentage of ego, especially if husband and wife are facing each other, the level of eg ... o is higher. Krishna an unemployed normal guy falls in love with beautiful hot girl Radhika. Eventually they get married, this is the birth of all problems. I am not saying marriage is the problem, its the thoughts of 2different people, their financial instability and emotional crunches they face. To keep their marriage going on Radhika accepts actress offer for a film and Krishna joins as make up man. Is it jealousy or inferior complex is not expressed by Krishna yet he creates problems to the director Aryan, imagining him to be getting close to his wife. These swings and waves were not sufficient, so enters bad man from mumbai.He kidnaps Radhika and our hero, comedian, makeup man, husband muscles up to rescue his wife. Entertaining comedy, hummable 2songs and efforts put in by this film team, is watchable atleast once.more
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