Savaari 2

May 29, 2014
02 hr 15 min
Director Jacob Varghese

Available in HD on supported devices
The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes or new places, but in having new eyes to see the world once again. Such is the story of this film, a journey taken by three completely different individuals who are forced to unite for an ... unexpected adventure.Equipped only with their own selfish agenda, this journey takes them far and wide, meeting one interesting character after another. The journey makes each man realize the harsh realities. Savaari 2 unravels slowly into a roller coaster journey of highs and lows while each mans’ hidden agenda is put to test by circumstance and individuals that they encounter. The film employs a non-linear perspective with the back story of the each man juxtaposed with the adventure of the journey. The landscapes and the people they meet along the way makes an emotional impact on each man altering their perceptions forever.more
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