Jan 25, 2013
2 hr 33 min
A story dedicated to our honest police officers, the problems they face to be in the system, often we forget that they too have a family that loves them. So is our sincere police officer Varadanayaka who fights against anti social activities, living ... with his lovely wife and the brat, fun loving person of his family is his brother Hari. A strong brother bond is shared between both of them which can be seen when Varadanayaka like a true friend helps Hari to gain Sirishas love. This fun frolic ride comes to an end only when we realise that tragidies are part of life and the same happens in this police officers life. Section Shankar a notorious land mafia don trap Varadanayaka into problems due to which he gets killed. When Hari comes to know about his brothers death and the master mind behind this conspirancy, revenge is the way Hari chooses for Varadanayakas murder. Most essential elements which glue you to this film is family bond, love and relationships. But on a lighter mode you should watch Varadanayaka for its foot tapping songs, for Sudeep and Chirus' action and to watch sweet pretty Sameera.more
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