Yaare Koogadali

Dec 20, 2012
2 hr 21 min
Director Samuthirakani

Available in HD on supported devices
Its midnight in the dark sky and amidst a heavy downpour two men Puneeth and Natesh escape from an asylum and reach city, here under circumstances to laugh off they find shelter in Shishupala's house. Puneeth’s neighbour Bharathi falls in love with ... him. Comedy and fun come to an end, fight and action begins. Chased by villain leads us to second look of long hair and a village background. In this duality and confusion of roles are we going mad to be abnormal or being mad is to be normal??? Yaare Koogadali with exclusive stunning acts of Puneeth, a good complimentary smile of Yogi, Sadhu Kokila to tickle your nerves and to know why the two of them ended up at an asylum.more
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