Aasaiyil Oru Kaditham

Aasaiyil Oru Kaditham Poster
Dec 17, 1999
01 hr 28 min
Director Selva

Music Deva

Available in SD on supported devices
Karthik (Prashant) on his way to attend a close friend Anand's (Anand), marriage sets eyes on Lakshmi (Kausalya) at a bus stop and falls for her. He with his friends reach the village and Kartik to his delight finds Lakshmi there. He sends her a love ... letter (as in the title) and then to his horror discovers that Lakshmi was the intended bride of Anand. The matter becomes public, with the whole village going in search of the anonymous letter writer. The scenes where Kartik's friends (Vivek, Damu, Vyapuri) ae mistaken for the senders of the letter and get a sound thrashing in turn, gives some comic relief.more
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