En Jeevan Paduthu

En Jeevan Paduthu Poster
Jun 23, 1988
02 hr 08 min
Narmada ( Saranya ) joins a new college as she feels so bored sitting alone in her house. Her father is a businessman. In college, she happens to see the paintings and books written by Surendran. She is very much fascinated by him, but unable to find ... him in college. She is shocked to know that, Surendran ( Karthik ) has already committed suicide. Narmada frequently visits his grave and now the ghost Surendran appears in front of Narmada and advice her to stop visiting his grave, but soon they become friends and people around Narmada suspects that, she is having mental issues as Narmada only can see Surendran. He tells his story to her.more
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