Enakkul Oruvan

Enakkul Oruvan Poster
Apr 23, 1984
02 hr 29 min
Director S P Muthuraman

Music Ilaiyaraaja

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Traversing lifetimes, this evocative romantic drama follows the charmed life of Madan, a handsome and talented dancer. After some ego battles and misadventures, he and Kalpana, a dancer of the traditional Indian dance form, Bharath Natyam, fall in lo ... ve and get engaged. However, while at her dance concert, Madan is disturbed by some mysterious and shadowy visions. Deciding to go on holiday for a change of atmosphere, Madan ends up choosing Darjeeling, a place that seems inordinately familiar to him. While there, Madan gets more and more hallucinations, and ends up recognising Devi, a widow. He feels such an overwhelming sense of love for her, that it scares him. Who is Devi and why is Madan so strongly attracted to her? What is his connection with this place and these people? What are these hallucinations that reveal some mysterious secrets and incite such strong emotions in him? Can Madan solve the mystery and right old wrongs?more
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