Kappalottiya Thamizhan

Nov 07, 1961
02 hr 09 min
Director B R Panthulu

Music G Ramanathan

Available in SD on supported devices
V. O. Chidambaram Pillai has devoted himself to the cause of India's freedom from the British. Chidambaram, appearing for a poor peasant Madasami, wins a case filed by an agent of a British proprietor. Chidambaram's father who appeared for the agent, ... sends his son to Tuticorin lest the British proprietor should give him any trouble. Madasami who accompanies Chidambaram, looks after the latter's salt -pan. At Tuticorin, Chidambaram meets Subramaniya Siva, a freedom fighter and works for the Swadeshi movement. Chidambaram receives a complaint from some of the local merchants that the British Shipping Company had refused to load their goods. Against great odds, Chidambaram starts the National Shipping Company with Indian Capital to free Indian trade from dependence on foreign liners.more
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