Neelamalai Thirudan

Neelamalai Thirudan Poster
Feb 22, 1957
02 hr 07 min
Director M A Thirumugam

Available in SD on supported devices
A good-hearted brother (Radha) has a kind sister (Kannamba) and a villainous brother (Veerappa), who has his eyes on the family wealth. The kind brother has a son (Ranjan) and the sister, a girl (Anjali Devi). Aware of the evil brother’s plans, the ... good brother leaves home and entrusts his son to the care of his sister. Getting to know about his exit, the villain goes in search of him and his family and orders his henchmen to kill them. The boy now grown up (Ranjan) takes up the cudgels against the evil uncle. Like Robin Hood, he helps the downtrodden. How he exposes the villain and restores peace forms the rest of the plot.more
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