Unnal Mudiyum Thambi

Unnal Mudiyum Thambi Poster
Aug 12, 1988
02 hr 41 min
Udhayamoorthy (Kamal Haasan) is the younger son of an illustrious Carnatic music maestro, Bilahari Marthandam Pillai (Gemini Ganesan). The father is a strict disciplinarian who is very class conscious and cares only for his art. The maestro's elder s ... on (Prasad Babu) is born mute and hence had to take to an instrument, thenadhaswaram, which he is quite adept at. A car makes an entry into the village. An MP (VK Ramasamy) gets off the car and finds that the village is self-displined in terms of cleanliness, get ridding of bad habits like drinking etc. He learns that the reason and cause of all this is a young man Udayamurthy. MP wonders how just a young man was able to achieve this and expresses the same to Udayamurthy and a flashack begins.more
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